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HiFi Statement review – German

Auf diesen Test freue ich mich schon seit gut einem Jahr. Während der Entwicklung des Hybrid-Netzteils HYPSOS, dem ersten Produkt von Ferrum überhaupt, stand ich immer wieder mit den Entwicklern in Kontakt. Bereits im September konnte ich ein HYPSOS mit … Read More

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High Fidelity review

FERRUM is the newest Polish audio brand that has just been established. But behind it is HEM, one of the most                                        … Read More

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6Moons review

About HEM as parent company of Hypsos, they started in1998 when now CEO Marcin Hamerla still designed for the medical and military industries and had completed several projects for the polish government.                  … Read More

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All it takes is a revolution

Are you thinking of upgrading your current hifi system with a new external power supply? In that case you need not look any further. Ferrum has it covered for you with our latest product, the HYPSOS hybrid power system. But … Read More

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6Moons – Hypsos preview

For audiophiles and music lovers who love to read … Read More

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