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Hifistatement test – German

Im ersten Artikel über den ADOT-Medienkonverter erwähnte ich kurz das Sonore opticalModule, einen Konverter mit audiophilem Anspruch und Preis. Die Folge war, dass einige Leser nach den klanglichen Unterschieden zwischen diesem und dem ADOT fragten. Aber in Hifistatement gibt es … Read More

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Audio Xpress review

HEM is a Polish audio electronics designer and manufacturer and home of Ferrum, a new high end audio brand that just unveiled its first two products. The company benefits from an extensive history in audio electronics and an experienced engineering … Read More

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Hifistatement second part review – HYPSOS

After the first part of the review, we finally get down to business : It’s time to listen. In addition, with part 2 we provide you with the updated technical data at the end of the article. So you can … Read More

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Hiendy HiFi Club- Video review

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VANA Ltd has become a distributor of the Ferrum brand in the United States

Starting from 1.05.2021 , Ferrum would like to inform that, we have appointed VANA Ltd as our distributor for USA market. Vana Ltd and it’s dealers network will help to increase our potential for United States, we are looking forward … Read More

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Die Komponenten mögen kommen und gehen – das Ferrum Hypsos aber bleibt! – German reviews

Mit meinem Bericht „ Die Komponenten mögen kommen und gehen – das Ferrum Hypsos aber bleibt! “ gehe ich auf ein grundsätzliches Thema ein, das derzeit ziemlich gehypt wird: Linear-Netzteile Read more

Featured Post video review

                                                                                … Read More

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HiFiClube Review – Portuguese

Ferrum Hypsos é uma fonte de alimentação híbrida linear/comutada universal para substituir com vantagem os ‘transformadores’ que acompanham grande parte dos DAC, Head-Amps e Streamers de pequeno porte e baixo custo – e não só. Read more

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HiFi News review

A novel technical exercise looking for a solution or an innovation that’s in the vanguard of an entirely new breed of hifi accesory? We tes the sophisticated HYPSOS DC supply Review&Lab: Paul Miller Read more

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Ferrum Hypsos 5 to 30 volts DC Audiophile power supply – video review

In audio the importance of the power supply quality can’t be underestimated. In those cases an external power supply is used, upgrading it to an audiophile version can have a big impact on the sound quality. As we will see … Read More

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