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Hifistatement test – German

Im ersten Artikel über den ADOT-Medienkonverter erwähnte ich kurz das Sonore opticalModule, einen Konverter mit audiophilem Anspruch und Preis. Die Folge war, dass einige Leser nach den

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Audio Xpress review

HEM is a Polish audio electronics designer and manufacturer and home of Ferrum, a new high end audio brand that just unveiled its first two products. The

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HiFiClube Review – Portuguese

Ferrum Hypsos é uma fonte de alimentação híbrida linear/comutada universal para substituir com vantagem os ‘transformadores’ que acompanham grande parte dos DAC, Head-Amps e Streamers de pequeno

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HiFi News review

A novel technical exercise looking for a solution or an innovation that’s in the vanguard of an entirely new breed of hifi accesory? We tes the sophisticated

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Alpha Audio review

“Within our little audio world, it is now well recognized that the power supply is very, very important. In fact: it is the basis of any device.

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This time a very interesting video review prepared by encourage you to listen and turn on the subtitles.In the video you will find out what the

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HiFi Statement review – German

Auf diesen Test freue ich mich schon seit gut einem Jahr. Während der Entwicklung des Hybrid-Netzteils HYPSOS, dem ersten Produkt von Ferrum überhaupt, stand ich immer wieder

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