oor and Hypsos system ferrum

OOR can be upgraded with HYPSOS Hybrid Power System using our proprietary Ferrum Power Link (FPL) connection, making both units perform to their highest levels. While OOR performs very good right out of the box, it is made to excel above and beyond when used together with HYPSOS. Using the FPL connection means HYPSOS can measure far deeper inside OOR than it can with any other product. Not only does HYPSOS work better in this combination, OOR will also perform even better than it normally does. The truly balanced design of the preamplifier stage coupled with the discrete power amplifier technology in combination with the implementation of highly selected components is elevated to a level of it”s own. 

HYPSOS will perform to its abolute maximum, unleashing unheard musicality from the combination with OOR. Combining OOR with HYPSOS really exceeds the sum of the parts and will result in ultimate enjoyment of your favorite music.

Our proprietary Ferrum Power Link (FPL) cable is key in making the marriage of OOR with HYPSOS a happy one. Two wires delivering the power and two wires providing the feedback to ensure flat voltage at every moment. This eliminates the harmful effects of the cable's resistance effectively improving transient response. The current delivery speed at the powered device's input is significantly improved.

To get the most out the combination of OOR and HYPSOS you need to connect them with our proprietary FPL DC power cable. The cable is optionally available at your preferred dealer or in our webshop.

Combining OOR with HYPSOS makes everything even better. The two exceed the sum of the parts, pushing both products beyond their respective qualities and outplaying most headphone amps in its price category and then some more.




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