We at Ferrum always listen to our customers and when some of them tell us they need something specific for their Ferrum component, we try to come to the resque. In the past we did this by offering custom cables next to the line we offer as standard. So if we don’t have it, just ask for it and we will make it for you to order.

Ready to use

One of the latest connection wishes was to make a microUSB DC power cable for HYPSOS. We set out to find the most sturdy of microUSB connectors available, to guarantee the best possible quality. Just make sure it will fit, then you’re good to go.

Additional lengths

All our cables come in the standard length of 50 cm. However, when you need a longer cable, you can just choose the length that will suit your needs.

As standard we offer termination with a 5.5 x 2.5 mm DC connector and with a 5.5 x 2.1 mm DC connector.

The latest special request was one to be able to connect two Ferrum components to our HYPSOS simultaniously. To make this possible our engineers designed the Ferrum Power Splitter (FPS). From now on you can power two devices of your choice with just one HYPSOS. Just remember the correct output settings (voltage and polarity), this is key for a proper operation of all devices. But hey, we made it work. For you!

What binds our equipment in the most efficient way, is our Ferrum Power Link, or FPL. This is the cable of choice when you upgrade your Ferrum OOR or Ferrum ERCO with our Ferrum HYPSOS. The FPL cable can be ordered separately.

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