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We at HEM, Polish audio electronics designer and manufacturer and home of Ferrum, started out our adventure with HYPSOS, the category defining and revolutionary hybrid power system. Beginning at the foundation of every hifi chain we set out to create a power supply that would disrupt the audio community. Judging by HYPSOS’ huge success we did just that and enabled users to find the sweet voltage spot for their beloved hifi gear, to name but one of HYPSOS’ unique features. 

We succeeded in marrying our unique electronics design with a beautiful industrial design. But as with all great stories, we set out to broaden our horizon. Our next product in line was to bring peace after the initial revolution. Inner peace that is, or peace to the inner ear, to be more exact… After many hours of careful listening and finetuning we present to you our second Ferrum product in line, the stunningly understated Ferrum headphone amplifier called OOR. This is good stuff, you’ll love it.

Combining OOR with HYPSOS

Combining OOR with HYPSOS even exceeds the sum of the parts and unleashes capacities unheard of in both devices. Prepare yourself for musical bliss.

Of course you can use OOR right out of the box to great satisfaction for the most discerning music lovers, but fed by HYPSOS our headphone amplifier will redefine a complete category.

Let HYPSOS bring power to your setup
Let OOR bring bliss to the ears
High Quality DC power cords

High Quality DC power cords

While HYPSOS comes with one of the two high quality DC power cables fitted with a 5,5x2,5mm or a 5,5x2,1mm DC plug on one end and a proprietary 4-pin connector on the other, OOR comes with a specially selected AC/DC power brick. When using OOR together with HYPSOS we advise to use our special 4-pin to 4-pin DC cable, our Ferrum Power Link(FPL), to get the optimal listening experience. Cables with other DC plugs can be made to order to connect HYPSOS to your favorite hifi gear.

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