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When the EISA HiFi chapter members gave WANDLA the recognition by awarding it Best DAC of the Year, we just were beyond ourselves. The Converter proved to be The Best Converter. Our EISA winning streak began two years ago, back in 2021, with the success of our Ferrum HYPSOS hybrid power system, only to be followed up by our Ferrum OOR headphone amplifier, which got awarded by EISA in 2022! This year our WANDLA DAC got the coveted EISA award for Best DAC of the Year! We couldn’t be happier.

When you call your flagship DAC ‘The Converter’ you know the bar has been set high. This shows how confident we were. For starters we succeeded in taking the best out of our three current models, HYPSOS, OOR and ERCO, and use that as a basis to work on for WANDLA. Then we proceeded to fine-tune many processes both in the analogue and digital domain, to build the next big thing in D to A conversion. With our Dynamic Digital Filtering we created something truly unique. Like in a European Filter Festival you will be able to vote your number one Ferrum filter. A set of digital filters were created exclusively for us by famous filter maker Signalyst, famous for their HQPlayer app. With WANDLA you will be able to fine-tune your DAC like a Formula One race car motor or a Barista’s best coffee using proprietary digital filters like no other DAC or brand. WANDLA has it all. And now, the hifi community has spoken. WANDLA simply is the best…

Before you start reading more about WANDLA don’t forget that we began our quest for honest sounding hifi gear at the foundation of every hifi chain. We set out to create a power supply that would disrupt the audio community. HYPSOS proved to be a great success and set out to win the EISA award for best hifi accessory for 2021-2022, bestowed upon us by the leading hifi journalists from all over the world.

So, when we created HYPSOS, it redefined power supply designs. When we created OOR, our second EISA winner, it raised the bar for intimate, analog listening through your favorite high-end headphones and ERCO paved the way for new audiophiles. Our brand new ERCO Gen 2 will pave the way for new audiophiles, getting freakishly close to WANDLA. But now it is time to be converted by the real thing! Enjoy WANDLA, our latest EISA award winner… Press this link to read more about WANDLA, current to voltage conversion and digital filters.

Combining WANDLA, OOR and ERCO with HYPSOS

Combining WANDLA, OOR and ERCO with HYPSOS even exceeds the sum of the parts and unleashes capacities unheard of in WANDLA, OOR and ERCO. Prepare yourself for musical bliss.

Of course, you can use WANDLA OOR and ERCO right out of the box to great satisfaction for almost all music lovers, but fed by HYPSOS, our new flagship DAC/PREAMP WANDLA, flagship headphone amplifier OOR and headphone DAC/AMP ERCO will redefine complete categories.

Let HYPSOS bring power to your setup
Let OOR bring bliss
to the ears
Convert using the
High Quality DC power cords

High Quality DC power cords

While HYPSOS comes with one of the two high quality DC power cables fitted with a 5,5x2,5mm or a 5,5x2,1mm DC plug on one end and a proprietary 4-pin connector on the other, both OOR and ERCO come with a specially selected AC/DC power brick. When using OOR or ERCO together with HYPSOS we advise to use our special 4-pin to 4-pin DC cable, the Ferrum Power Link (FPL), to get the optimal listening experience. Cables with other DC plugs can be made to order to connect HYPSOS to your favorite hifi gear.

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