History proves most power supplies are quite boring and bulky

HYPSOS breaks with this image once and for all and the Ferrum team in stead created
a very special kind of PSU, which they dubbed hybrid power system.

It is an important component with distinctive and attractive aesthetics.

Even more importantly, the HYPSOS hybrid power system will result in better timing, detail and three dimensionality of the sound stage. While this may sound a bit outrageous for some, you can use the analogy of the basic fight or flight response. The ability to decide in a split second you need to run or you stay to fight, based on the interpretation of sounds. For a grazing deer in a forest this means locating the direction and distance of the sound of a snapping twig, together with the realisation what triggered it. In that fraction of a second lives can be saved and the need for ultimate timing, detail and three dimensionality needs to be there.


This is the effect of a good power supply when used together with, let’s say, a DA converter or streamer. Most audiophile components do have these properties, but are not always capable of showing them. They just need that final push. When done properly a good power supply will unveil these important properties and make those components perform to the top of their capabilities.

But HYPSOS had to do better than that.