ESS digital FIR filters

WANDLA makes use of the ESS Sabre 9038PRO DAC chip. Via WANDLA’s menu, the user can choose from three ESS filters in addition to our HQ filters. We encourage you to experiment to find out which is your personal favorite.

Linear Phase Fast Roll-off (ESS Lin-Ph)

A linear phase filter with steep slope after passband (fast roll-off). It has very good aliasing rejection and it has constant delay of all frequencies in the audio band.

HQ digital filters

Specialist filter-builder Jussi Laako from Signalyst has adapted digital filters from the HQPlayer app to be implemented in our SERCE module, that lies inside of WANDLA. The appropriate digital filter settings can be made via the menu where the user can make his choice from the two HQ digital filters which are included at launch. We encourage you to experiment with these HQ digital filters to find out which is your personal favorite.

Short filter (HQ Short)

Short time domain response, slow roll-off, partially apodizing, single stage filter optimized for transient response. Especially suitable for jazz, blues and similar recordings.

Apodizing Minimum Phase (HQ Apod. MP)

Minimum-phase version of HQ Apodizing filter. For studio multi-track recordings with focus on transient attack.

Gauss filter (HQ Gauss)

Apodizing filter with focus on optimal time-frequency response. Provides very good transient response and space information. Good general purpose filter fit for most source content and genres.

Apodizing filter (HQ Apod.)

Apodizing filter especially for modern recordings. For recordings made in real acoustics or otherwise having notable space information.

More to come in future firmware updates