Enter WANDLA GoldenSound Edition with Elevated digital headroom …

Thinking about the potential of WANDLA’s computing power

Thinking about the potential of WANDLA’s computing power, our Ferrum team thought up of the ultimate experiment. Could we make Digital Signal Processing really work for us? Enter WANDLA GoldenSound Edition with Elevated digital headroom, Spatial Enhancement, Tube Mode and Impact+, all done in the DSP of our SERCE module. DSP done properly.

Ferrum parent company HEM has always been operating at the forefront of audio technology. HEM was one of the early adopters of the MQA codec, striving for the purest possible digital and analogue audio processing. One of the main features of WANDLA was the experiment with our own digital filtering, next to the ones of ESS Sabre, giving our audience a complete new set of tools to fine tune their sound with, done directly in the DAC oversampling stage. Could we offer our user base even more? Time for the ultimate experiment. What could be achieved with the use of Digital Signal Processing when done right? What if we leave out MQA? WANDLA’s heart, SERCE, had so much more to offer, using its full potential. This is when WANDLA GoldenSound Edition came into being and the Ferrum team started implementing new features into WANDLA’s software. The fruitful collab between our own talented workforce and Cameron Oatley from GoldenSound gave us some very interesting ideas to develop extra functionalities for WANDLA, aptly dubbed The Converter. Our team was able to create extra settings to tailor the sound to the need of the individual and created a set of brand-new features in WANDLA GoldenSound Edition. Enter Elevated digital headroom, Spatial Enhancement, Tube Mode and Impact+. We chose to omit MQA decoding to get the best performance from the DSP engine for the new features. What is more, WANDLA GoldenSound Edition uses the exact same voltage adjustment feature as standard WANDLA for better compatibility with a wider range of amplifiers. To make it even better, in the foreseeable future it will be possible to convert the original WANDLA into WANDLA GoldenSound Edition. Because we want to give Ferrum owners the possibility to make the ultimate choice themselves.

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