Soundnews at High End Munich

 Munich High End Show 2022 Detailed Report was published by SoundNews. We hope you also enjoyed this huge party for audiophiles. Reading it is a good opportunity to see how it looked for those who weren’t there, but also a … Read More

Ferrum Audio at High end Munich 2022

Unforgettable High End 2022

Success one after the other! Unforgettable High End 2022 event that will remain in our hearts and minds for a long time! Did you go and have fun? Well, the Ferrum team definitely did; as we were able to meet and … Read More


Check out the ERCO White Paper

What makes ERCO special First of all ERCO is in many ways similar to OOR, but because it has a built in DAC, some design aspects needed a different approach. We decided on the IC based headphone amplifier, however it … Read More

Headphonics review ERCO 2022

Headphonics reviews ERCO

Marcus Downey from Headfonics reviewed Erco with integrated ES9028PRO DAC and balanced 6.1W capable headphone amplifier.  Read the full review on HEADFONICS!  Quick summery by Headfonics: The Ferrum ERCO DAC is neutral to natural, accurate, and articulate. Its amplifier has bags … Read More

Visit us at High End Munich

Visit us at High End Munich!  Recently Ferrum organised a virtual pre-High End Munich presentation to inform members of the audio press what Ferrum will present at the coming hifi show. Basically the presentation followed the recent history of Ferrum … Read More

High Fidelity.pl opened ERCO

High Fidelity magazine opened and reviewed the ERCO in detail. Please find the English and Polish reviews in the links below.  “You can see that it is a product of an experienced company, and additionally of an “engineering” company – … Read More

Did you check the ferrum OOR 3D tour?

Did you check the OOR 3D tour?

Did you check our 3D TOUR for OOR?  OOR is part of our happy family and allows you to achieve the best possible sound quality from your device. Did you have a chance to experience a full OOR-3D tour with … Read More



HIFICLUB Portugal reviewed the ERCO Ferrum has been receiving reviews from around the WORLD and this time is no other,but from PORTUGAL- by HIFICLUBE.NET. We’ve been honored to receive last years’ review on Hypsos and OOR; and just a few … Read More

Headphonics review

Headfonics OOR review

Marcus Downey from Headfonics reviewed OOR some end of 2021.  We invite you to read the review of our Ferrum OOR Headphone Amplifier. READ THE REVIEW  an excellent score of 9.3 out of 10! The end of the year couldn’t be better.#oor #ferrumaudio … Read More

Ferrum Audio at soundfest madrid

Soundfest Madrid with Ferrum Audio

SOUNDFEST MADRID 2022! THANK YOU ALL who participated the Soundfest, Madrid on the 1-3 April 2022. For ones who missed, don’t worry! There will be plenty of chances ahead of us. This event was an absolute pleasure to interact with you, after … Read More

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