US introduction WANDLA GoldenSound edition at CANJAM NY 2024 

We are delighted to see our flagship DAC WANDLA has proven to be a great success and changed the notion of high-end audio DAC’s. WANDLA’s sound signature and its unique features like Dynamic Digital Filtering appeal to many music lovers all over the world. So we managed to let WANDLA’s reputation go far beyond the headspace to pave the way for wider domestic use. But what if we could tailor WANDLA even more? This was exactly what our talented design team had in mind when they started to think outside the box once again. Reaching out to the head-fi community they came into contact with renowned head-fi and high-end audio expert Cameron Oatley from GoldenSound. After an intensive period of braining, research and development they came up with the idea for WANDLA GoldenSound Edition which actually converts WANDLA to cater specific needs. 
This WANDLA GS will feature some extra features made possible by the ingenuity of the SERCE module, WANDLA’s heart, allowing for reallocation of some of its powers. WANDLA GS is made available exclusively in the United States through
At a later stage WANDLA GS is expected to be introduced outside of the US. 
We will keep you informed about further developments concerning WANDLA GS as more information becomes available.

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