New ERCO Gen 2 – Ferrum Short Stories

New ERCO Gen 2 comes closer to the music and to the level of the flagship WANDLA

ERCO Gen 2, closer to the music With the full reprogramming of ERCO’s software in combination with crucial changes in the analog circuitry, we are introducing a newer, better ERCO. ERCO Gen 2 will bring our entry-level DAC one step closer to the performance levels of WANDLA, our flagship converter. ERCO Gen 2 will bring things like 768 kHz support, DSD512, improved DAC performance and including our users’ most preferred WANDLA digital filter. Maks, Paweł and Wojtek take just 30 seconds each to say about ERCO Gen 2 is all about in their Short Story.

Ferrum Short Stories
We continue bringing you our short stories news reels. Watching the latest three will only take 1 minute and 38 seconds of your precious time, where we managed to compress huge amounts of information for you. By the way, this is the only way we actually like to excel in compression… The rest of the Ferrum story is absolutely lossless. Have fun!


Great news from Maks Matuszak, Ferrum Hardware Engineer in 00:27 secs
ERCO Gen 2: analog improvements give us more details, with wonderful natural and engaging sound.
Great news from Paweł Gorgoń, Ferrum R&D Chief Engineer in 00:40 secs ERCO Gen 2: digital improvements bring great WANDLA features in the new ERCO thanks to brand new software.

Great news from Wojtek Głowienka, Ferrum Customer Service Specialist & Tech Support in 00:31 secs
ERCO Gen 2: upgrade program makes your original ERCO totally up to date and relevant for many years to come.

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