Introducing the Ferrum MicroUSB mk2

Introducing the Ferrum MicroUSB mk2

After specific requests from our customers we decided to redesign our MicroUSB cable to make a better fit for Chord Qutest and other components with receded MicroUSB ports. From now on the family of Ferrum cables centered around the 4-pin Ferrum Power Link counts five members. One with a second 4-pin DC connector, one with a 2.5 mm DC connector, one with a 2.1 mm DC connector, one with the fat MicroUSB connector, and now one with the ’slim’ MicroUSB connector, or mkII. Of course you can find all of them over at
Ferrum MicroUSB mk2
With the proprietary 4-pin connector to connect to HYPSOS and high quality, robust and somewhat slimmer MicroUSB connector than the original cable for your device, a whole new group of products are now suited to use together with HYPSOS. Just choose the correct values from the list in the HYPSOS memory banks, or input them manually. Always check the correct values before powering up your device. Always check if your device can accommodate our quality Ferrum MicroUSB connector. The exact dimensions of the connector housing are shown in the schematics below. If the connector by any chance will not fit your device, you can get a full refund or have one tailor made for your device. In this case you are advised to contact our customer support. When using the Ferrum MicroUSB together with the Ferrum Power Splitter, please bear in mind the correct voltage settings of the devices being 5 volt, with positive polarity.

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