Visit the VANA booth at CANJAM New York to audition the latest FERRUM products!

Audition the latest FERRUM products!

If head-fi is your thing coming March 9 and 10 New York will be place to be. During these two days NY Marriott Marquis on the world famous Times Square will host CanJam NY24. At this event everybody that is anybody will show their latest head-fi gear and related products.

Ferrum distributor VANA Ltd, booth E11 and E12
Marcin Hamerla, CEO of Ferrum, will be present at the booth of US distributor VANA Ltd and ready to answer your questions. At the VANA booth (E11 and E12) all of Ferrum’s top products will be shown, so prepare to audition the award winning WANDLA, OOR, together with HYPSOS. Star of the event is the brand new ERCO Gen 2. Feel free to take him to the test and find out for yourself what all the buzz about the second generation of ERCO is all about. It will take you closer to the music and to the level of our flagship product WANDLA. You will understand why Ferrum is responsible for setting new high-end audio standards.

ERCO Gen 2, even closer to the music
Our new entry level DA converter/headphone amplifier will bring you one step closer to the performance levels of WANDLA, our flagship converter. A complete reprogramming of the original ERCO was needed and involved the implementation of a completely new firmware structure. The DSP in ERCO Gen 2 will equal WANDLA, bringing things like 768 kHz support, DSD512, improved DAC performance, including our users’ most preferred WANDLA digital filter. We even created an upgrade program for existing ERCO owners to bring their units to the new ERCO Gen 2 specifications.

WANDLA, The Converter
With WANDLA, Ferrum is making a statement to the current and next generation of music lovers. WANDLA represents tomorrow’s standard of high end digital-to-analog conversion. Think of it as a Formula 1 racing car. Like the F1 constructor’s team building the best racing car, Ferrum created the best engine for The Converter. We transformed our ARM chip, making it capable of doing the work of five chips, and took the ESS Sabre DAC chip to the next level with our new current to voltage converter. By adding our unique set of digital filters, we allowed end users to fine-tune their DACs to their specific sonic needs. Like all our components, WANDLA can be upgraded with HYPSOS and is the perfect companion for our headphone amplifier OOR.

Look out for another ‘Golden’ Ferrum product
CANJAM NY24 will host a very special event with Ferrum written all over it. GoldenSound’s Cameron Oatley will introduce WANDLA GoldenSound Edition at the booth of This WANDLA GoldenSound Edition is targeted specifically on the head-fi market and is the fruit of the labor of the Ferrum R&D and engineering team and fueled by Cameron, who is looked upon by many as a renowned head-fi expert. An exclusive edition for the event, and for the Northern American market. Want to know more? Check out the booth at CANJAM NY.

We are looking forward to see you at the VANA Ltd booth E11 and E12 to meet the Ferrum family!

New York Marriott Marquis
1535 Broadway
New York, NY 10036
Saturday March 9 from 10am to 6pm
Sunday March 10 from 10am to 5pm
Admission fee $30 per day, $40 for both days
More information on the CANJAM event can be found at

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