SUONO magazine article on WANDLA

SUONO, the renowned Italian HiFi magazine, recently featured an article on WANDLA:

✅💬 “From an audiophile technical perspective, WANDLA embodies a sound profile that some enthusiasts would commend for its ability to meticulously dissect and highlight intricate details, notably within the mid-to-high frequency spectrum. What distinguishes it from other devices with similar analytical prowess is its remarkable restraint in avoiding any irksome hyper-analysis (where ‘hyper’ is not pejorative) when handling less-than-perfectly recorded audio or content not specifically tailored for top-tier systems”.
✅💬 “The Ferrum effortlessly navigates complex audio, prompting a preference for relinquishing the soft tonal character found in other DACs in exchange for the clear and transparent audio it delivers. Terms like ‘sweetness’ or ‘hyper-detail’ demand redefinition since they now represent integral components of a more gratifying sonic representation, rather than contrasting elements. Achieving this requires partnering it with equally high-quality companions (especially when coupling WANDLA with HYPSOS), allowing for fine-tuning. This approach transforms it into a versatile machine fit for all scenarios, even the most demanding in the realm of high-end audio playback”. 

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