High End Munich 2024 – Four days of high-end awesomeness

One of the biggest hi-fi happenings of the year

May 9 to 12 marked High End Munich 2024 for the Ferrum team. One of the biggest hi-fi happenings of the year. And when the initials of the show match those of our parent company HEM, success had to be in the stars. Almost 25.000 people flocked to Munich, half of which were business and press and the other half consumers. Reasons a plenty to show all of our catalogue, including our flagship converter WANDLA, our budget friendly ERCO Gen2, newcomer HYPSOS Dual Output,and… drum roll… WANDLA GoldenSound Edition.

Day one and two meant being on our best behaviour, always a challenge for our prankster CEO Marcin Hamerla (initials MEH), who you can see playing ‘hide and seek’ in one of the pictures. In the end we managed to explain where we think high-end audio should be going. To put it briefly, we want to put it in the hands (and ears) of many more than ever before. This sort of went contrary to the trend at High End Munich where super expensive systems were presented left and right. We just push the envelope to shift the balance between quality and convenience towards friendlier pricing. To reach the audience of tomorrow one needs to tread lightly and make hifi fun again. Just chill out and relax with the music is the message.

Munich High End with Ferrum

Consumer mayhem
Day three and four are best described as consumer mayhem. Like 12.000 visitors squeezed in a day and a half, making it seem four times more busy than the previous days. Our team went all-in and spread the Ferrum word like their lives depended on it. All in all we can conclude this year’s High End Munich was a delight and an eye opener when we saw high fidelity audio was alive and well in and around our booth! If we didn’t see you this year, please come over to the Audio Video Show in Warsaw on October 25 to 27 later this year. We will certainly be there. Please let us entertain you!

Ferrum at HEM 2024
Team Ferrum Audio
Team Ferrum Audio

Where to buy Ferrum products

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