Hifi Statement At High end 2022

HIFISTATEMENT High End 2022 report

✅🙌As you may remember, not so long ago we had a chance to present our technology and equipment at HIGH END 2022. Off course Hifistatement magazine appeared at this fantastic event and described Ferrum presence there! Thank you so much!
🗣“HEM from Poland presented their three Ferrum models, as business is running excellently, as company boss Marcin Hamerla revealed. (…)The three current Ferrum models, you already know from our test reviews. Interested customers were allowed to convince themselves of the sound quality via headphones”.
✅🧐Those eager to read the entire text are invited to follow the link to the article below👇

Where to buy Ferrum products

Ferrum is sold all over the world. If you have troubles locating our dealer nearby let us help to arrange the brick-and-mortar customer experience for you by contacting us at info@ferrum.audio