HIFIstatement reviewed the Splitter!

Ferrum Power Splitter Thanks to the Ferrum Power Splitter (FPS) you can power two devices of your choice with just one HYPSOS. Want to know more? Then please check the newest test of our FPS by Hifistatement. CHECK THE REVIEW

Fono Forum reviewed OOR

Michael Lang reviewed the OOR for Fono Forum Music magazine Germany in December. We are happy they shared the PDF for you to read in German.  Link to PDF  

Ferrum office tour –

Remember our Ferrum Factory Tour video? If not then, you are lucky today. Journalist from wrote in their article about the tour of our company’s headquarters. We would like to thank them very much for their kind words. We … Read More

Hifi Statement At High end 2022

HIFISTATEMENT High End 2022 report

As you may remember, not so long ago we had a chance to present our technology and equipment at HIGH END 2022. Off course Hifistatement magazine appeared at this fantastic event and described Ferrum presence there! Thank you so much! “HEM … Read More

OOR proves to be one of the best headphone amplifiers I have ever listened to.

OOR reviewed by

OOR proves to be one of the best headphone amplifiers I have ever listened to. … Read More

Ferrum Hifistatement - visit part 2

A visit to HEM by Hifi statement – part 2

Explore new, innovative and creative paths. The fact that Marcin lets his developers spend their time on this instead of simply buying-in shows how individually the engineers develop and build according to their own ideas and preferences, or are allowed … Read More

A visit to HEM by Hifi statement

“Since the last visit to Marcin Hamerla’s company HEM in Warsaw a few years ago, a lot has changed. The number of employees has almost doubled and HEM has moved to a new location. Previously operating more as a manufacturer … Read More

Hifi Statement

HI FI Statement award is in our CEO Marcin hands.

We are happy to announce that HI FI Statement award is in our CEO Marcin hands. It was quite an interesting story, because we were waiting for its a few months.Unfortunately pandemic situation did not make it easy. Finally after … Read More

Hifistatement test – German

Im ersten Artikel über den ADOT-Medienkonverter erwähnte ich kurz das Sonore opticalModule, einen Konverter mit audiophilem Anspruch und Preis. Die Folge war, dass einige Leser nach den klanglichen Unterschieden zwischen diesem und dem ADOT fragten. Aber in Hifistatement gibt es … Read More

Hifistatement second part review – HYPSOS

After the first part of the review, we finally get down to business : It’s time to listen. In addition, with part 2 we provide you with the updated technical data at the end of the article. So you can … Read More