Power supply, Ferrum Hypsos, energy under control by Audio & Cinema em Casa PT

Happy to share the Hypsos review from Audio & Cinema em Casa Portugal by Jorge Gonçalves – We translated the conclusion for you. If you want to read the Portugees file please check the link below.

The Hypsos power supply introduces a new concept in powering audio equipment by combining hybrid operation with an interesting micro controller control. It can power a vast amount of audio equipment, with more than 100 defined by default but can be configured for many others, and it doesn’t stop there, as it gives the powered equipment a level of performance greatly improved, namely in terms of spatial image stability and amplitude and detail resolution. The cost price is perfectly justified in view of the major improvements resulting from its use and the sophistication of the electronic circuits used. Highly recommended and I doubt anyone who tries it will let it out of the house.

Review Hypsos 

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