A visit to HEM by Hifi statement – part 2

Ferrum Hifistatement - visit part 2

Explore new, innovative and creative paths.

The fact that Marcin lets his developers spend their time on this instead of simply buying-in shows how individually the engineers develop and build according to their own ideas and preferences, or are allowed to respectively.

Generally speaking, Marcin emphasizes that the most important thing about the company is their employees and their influence on the finished product. Of course, all Ferrum products in the planning are as well based on a market analysis, and there is a rough roadmap of which product types are going to be released and in what order. However, how each product will be technically designed is mainly based on the engineers’ assessments, and it’s not uncommon for Ferrum that less conventional technologies make their way.

At Ferrum, it is important not only to craft high-quality devices, but also to explore new, innovative and creative paths.

Read the full item on Hifistatement – written by Finn from hifistatement.net – 16 December 2021

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