A visit to HEM by Hifi statement

“Since the last visit to Marcin Hamerla’s company HEM in Warsaw a few years ago, a lot has changed. The number of employees has almost doubled and HEM has moved to a new location. Previously operating more as a manufacturer in the background, HEM has meanwhile established Ferrum as a hi-fi brand on its own.”….

HEM Ferrum audio team

Back row (from left): Łukasz Jędrzycki, Jarosław Jabłoński, Andrzej Dziwiński, Andrii Matusiv, Paweł Gorgoń, Krzysztof Moshrif, Igor Sosnowski.  Middle row (from left): Zbigniew Cieślak, Magdalena Konarska, Rafał Bednarski, Oleksandr Cherviak, Kamil Kubik, Marta Zygmuntowicz, Arkadiusz Sęk, Oleksandr Promovych – Sitting (from left): Arkadiusz Bochyński, Dariusz Grdeń, Dorota Wiejcka, Marcin Hamerla, Maksymilian Matuszak. Not shown on the photo: Artur Grdeń and Wojtek Głowienka

“The next office hosts Purchasing and Logistics Manager Dariusz Grdeń and Production Manager Arkadiusz Sęk, whom Marcin introduces with a grin as the “grimace man”.  This group photo shows Dariusz sitting on the sofa left and Arkadiusz standing in the middle row right. ) In fact, it isn’t that easy for me to interpret his mimic fireworks correctly. However, I think I understand – at least – that he’s happy about my visit. He started out as a technician at HEM and quickly developed into an excellent workshop manager.  According to Marcin, his colleague Dariusz Grdeń is indispensable for production as well, as his job is to keep the warehouse well filled, which has become a real challenge in view of the current market situation. Dariusz still remembers Dirk’s last visit well and amusedly shows me the old group photo from the article at the time, in which he himself can be seen together with Paweł Gorgoń, now head of the development department, Arkadiusz Sęk and of course Marcin.”… 

Read the full item on Hifi statement – written by Finn from hifistatement.net – Nov 12 2021 

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