Wandla now at Audio Styl!

Another device by Ferrum has been added to the Audio Styl range – WANDLA the converter. We are growing!

WANDLA is great! a device that deserves the RED FINGERPRINT award.

“WANDLA with the switch-mode power supply that we buy it with is great, it is a device that deserves the RED FINGERPRINT award. But with the HYPSOS it is a system from the top shelf, which can not be assessed … Read More

Ferrum Wandla. This is how we present it 

Watch closely when we present WANDLA. Wojtek takes you by the hand when he shows you the in- and outside of The Converter. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIyhqadoYr0

Introducing Wandla tomorrow’s high-end today

Introducing Wandla tomorrow’s high-end today Our excitement has reached its peak and we simply can’t hold back any longer! We present the trailer of our next upcoming product.Introducing Wandla tomorrow’s high-end today. Prepare to be converted by the real thing. … Read More

Hypsos and Erco detailed review by Stereo i Kolorowo 

Ludwik Hegel reviewed our HYPSOS and ERCO in November 2022. We are happy to share his detailed review. Please take the time to visit Stereo i Kolorowo – Underground website to read the review and see some photo’s he made.  … Read More

Erco awarded Best product 2022 by High Fidelity

Our Ferrum ERCO has been awarded again! This time it was High Fidelity who choose ERCO for BEST PRODUCT 2022! It goes without saying we are honored by the recognition of our hard work. It really paid off. “It offers complete, … Read More

hifi.com.pl High End Munich visit

Jacek Klos from hifi.com.pl report from High End Munich 2022 visited us at the show and wrote a full report in Polish about the show and history.  40 YEARS   It is now 40 years since a group of good sound … Read More

Local support – Judo

At Ferrum we all love music and technology, we also think it is important to be active and support our local sport clubs. This is why, for the second time, we decided to sponsor the Judo Tournament in Nowa Wieś.  … Read More

Erco review audio Poland

Erco review from Audio magazine Poland

Radosław Łobanowski from audio.com.pl did a detailed review on ERCO in the May 2022 Edition of the print magazine in Poland. Please find the PDF with the review in this link!  – See below some of the findings from the Audio.com.pl … Read More

High Fidelity.pl opened ERCO

High Fidelity magazine opened and reviewed the ERCO in detail. Please find the English and Polish reviews in the links below.  “You can see that it is a product of an experienced company, and additionally of an “engineering” company – … Read More

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