WANDLA won the prestigious HiVi Grand Prix 2023 in Japan

WANDLA won the prestigious HiVi Grand Prix 2023 in Japan

HiVi Grand Prix 2023 Digital Audio Component Category Award Ferrum Audio WANDLA It is with great honor and pride we can tell you that our WANDLA won yet another prestigious award. This time it’s the HiVi Grand Prix 2023. HiVi … Read More

WANDLA presentation movie by Kenzo Kono

Wanna know more about WANDLA? Below you will the find link to the Q&A from Japan where our CEO Marcin answered many questions. By the way, it was the first presentation of WANDLA in Japan. As you can see, it … Read More

A jewel box of sound

A jewel box of sound that condenses high quality without compromise! – By Reiji Asakura I learned the name of Poland’s Ferrum Audio from the DC power supply HYPSOS for audio that I experienced last fall. I was surprised that the small DAC … Read More

Ferrum Audio Japan

Ferrum Audio in Japan!

HYPSOS and Ferrum are everywhere! We are not stopping, so we are gradually developing our brand in Japan! We are very pleased to be well noticed there too. Big thanks especially to: Mr. Hijikata Hisaaki and Mr. Kotaro Shima ( Emilai.inc) … Read More

HIVI, Audio Visual Magazine Japan

A big thanks to HIVI, Audio Visual Magazine from Japan.  Ferrum team is very pleased this month. Over the last year, we have been working a lot, but also experienced many funny moments together developing our technology.This hard work really … Read More