Erco Review HVT

THE ERCO reviewed by HVT

NEE, JE SPREEKT HET NIET UIT ALS AIRCO! Review by Dutch Hifi Video Test magazine. – Try to find something better in that price range first. That’s going to be a tough job.  – download  the ERCO review – BY … Read More


Hypsos Power supply review by HVT

FERRUM HYPSOS, ZOMAAR EEN VOEDINGDINGETJE? Well, for who?  -” If we stick to the premise that an audio chain is only as good as the quality of the power supplies used, this Ferrum Audio Hypsos hybrid power supply should not … Read More

HVT tested the OOR headphone amp

NA DE REVOLUTIE GAAT DE ZON PAS ECHT SCHIJNEN Read the Dutch review – The secret of the ears about OOR Headphone amp and link to Hypsos

Hypsos & OOR review Hifi.nl

Ferrum Audio Hypsos & OOR Universal Power! A special device that occupies a very special position, that is the Ferrum Hypsos in a nutshell. Its wide adjustability and tweaking options make it virtually incomparable to other power supplies on the … Read More

Ferrum Audio at 🙌The first edition of the Dutch Audio Event.

The first edition of the Dutch Audio Event was held on October 30 & 31 at Conference Centre Koningshof in Eindhoven. It was obvious that FERRUM FAMILY would be there. Our guests were able to test OOR and HYPSOS, and … Read More

Ferrum Hypsos 5 to 30 volts DC Audiophile power supply – video review

In audio the importance of the power supply quality can’t be underestimated. In those cases an external power supply is used, upgrading it to an audiophile version can have a big impact on the sound quality. As we will see … Read More

Alpha Audio review

“Within our little audio world, it is now well recognized that the power supply is very, very important. In fact: it is the basis of any device. Whether it’s an amplifier, or a source. In the end: music is modulated … Read More

Live Stream Switch Test – Paul Pang – NuPrime – English Electric – Cisco – SOtM

                                                                                … Read More