Learn more about Dynamic Digital Filtering

✅🆕 DDF stands for Dynamic Digital Filtering. As such it relates to the act of using digital filters by WANDLA users. So you, WANDLA user, being able to choose from a number of digital filter. To make it even more dynamic, you can tell us what your favorite filter is and why. We will gather this data to declare the most popular filters, so, as a reward for your filtering efforts, we can replace the least popular ones with new ones.
ℹ️ Adding of filters will take place via firmware upgrade, for which you’ll be notified once you have filled in our survey form. In the end, by exchanging the least popular filters with the best ones, WANDLA users will be able to get an ultimate set of highly tailored digital filters, which is unique to Ferrum, DAC’s in general, and the audio business as a whole. Welcome to the world of digital filters!
You will find more info and survey here: Digital Filtering

Where to buy Ferrum products

Ferrum is sold all over the world. If you have troubles locating our dealer nearby let us help to arrange the brick-and-mortar customer experience for you by contacting us at info@ferrum.audio