Factory tour by Stereophile

✅👉 Another week and another time someone praises our Factory tour organized for journalists from all over the world. The reviewers from Streophile honored us with another article.

✅🔝 It is difficult to convey all the praise and information contained in their publication. However, we would like to give you the most important parts of it. Check out the most interesting quotes for yourself.

🗣 “Hamerla explained that the Ferrum team now consists of 20 people. The company’s name—Ferrum = “iron”—derives from two sources: the site of Hamerla’s home, which sits atop land formerly occupied by a Roman era iron factory, and the occupation of Hamerla’s father, who was a blacksmith.”

🗣 “Ferrum designs are radically different than before,” Hamerla explained in the factory. For example, the new headphone amp/DAC integrates the contents of four chips plus an MQA circuit into a single PGA chip which, because it also used in military applications, remains available amidst parts shortages.”


Where to buy Ferrum products

Ferrum is sold all over the world. If you have troubles locating our dealer nearby let us help to arrange the brick-and-mortar customer experience for you by contacting us at info@ferrum.audio