The new Yatono-DC Cable

✅💪Cooperation is one idea that accompanies us every day at Ferrum. As you already know well, we want our products to be known everywhere. Therefore, we would like to boast about one of our foreign collaborations. Together with Brise Audio from Japan, we have created a special YATONO-DC cable for HYPSOS.

✅⚙️YATONO-DC was developed as a dedicated DC cable for the HYPSOS (our best-known external DC power supply device). This cable is officially certified by Ferrum Audio. Brise Audio has been developing cables for high-end audio for over 20 years. By reintroducing that know-how and the know-how cultivated in the development of portable audio cables, which are more severe environments, into home audio cables, it has become a degree of perfection that pushes it to a new stage.

ℹ️For more information, please visit the website of our Japanese friend:

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