Upscale Audio Hypsos and OOR

✅👉Do not miss OOR and Hypsos amazing review from Upscale Audio, made by Grover Neville from Southern California. We simply love it!
✅👀It looks very professional and shows why OOR and HYPSOS are both so terrific!
🗣“Susvara and Abyss owners, rejoice! One of Grover’s personal favourite solid-state headphone amps, the Ferrum OOR with Hypsos linear hybrid power supply, puts out a huge 8 W into 60 ohm balanced (6 W single-ended.) The fully adjustable Hypsos power supply takes the OOR to the next level, and the PSU can be used on its own for a number of amps, DACs, streamers, and other products. As Grover says, it’s hard to find an amp that’s this neutral and still so pleasant, engaging, and musical!”.
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