OOR wins EISA Headphone amp award 2022-2023!

✅👉And the Winner is… Ferrum OOR!!! 👑
✅🥳Once again, we’re proud to announce that we received an EISA award, this time this special prize was given to Ferrum OOR, the Best Product 2022-2023, HEADPHONE AMPLIFIER!
✅😀Ferrum is utterly grateful to receive yet another award from EISA, as the love for our products keeps skyrocketing; we’ll continue to produce award-winning devices such as Hypsos and OOR. Let’s all cheer on this win, as we’re all in this together. Thank you for this achievement!

Where to buy Ferrum products

Ferrum is sold all over the world. If you have troubles locating our dealer nearby let us help to arrange the brick-and-mortar customer experience for you by contacting us at info@ferrum.audio