Oor & Hypsos review by HiFi PiG magazine

✅🙌Check out the reviews of HYPSOS and OOR created by Hifi Pig Magazine. Once again, our devices are praised for their quality. We are so proud that more and more people see how much work we put into making every detail so perfect. Thank you!
✅🗣“The Hypsos and Oor are a very good pairing if you are serious about your headphone listening. I found it very easy to both get lost in the music and to really pull tracks apart into their constituent parts. And it is this latter point that really did impress me with the Oor and Hypsos partnership – the amount of detail is brilliant without being at all harsh in the top end – some products will use an artificially boosted top end to give the illusion of more detail. I also enjoyed the sense of space between instruments and noises in mixes.”
✅👉For more, please visit their website. In the link below you will find this review! https://www.hifipig.com/ferrum-oor-headphone-amp-and…/

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