New representative in France

✅👉We would like to introduce you to our new representative in France. Delta Audio is French Distribution Company, specialized in High Quality and High performances Audio devices, yet still affordable. Renaud RIBET, Delta Audio’s CEO, had a great career before creating Delta Audio, by being the man behind the entire development in France of several very well-known brands: Meze Audio, Audeze, iFi Audio, Rose Hifi…

✅👀Always looking for strong challenges, Renaud has decided to leave a very comfortable place in his late company to start something new, from scratch: Delta Audio. He is following his tastes and ideas, and keep on focusing on the best products on the market that are gorgeous and very efficient at the same time, always with a nearly impossible to beat quality / price ratio.

🔵 He likes headphones: so decided to go to the emerging and impressive brands Sivga Audio and Sendy Audio.

🔵Renaud is into tubes: so he went to Felis Audio, one of the three best headphones’ amp brand in the world and loves brands that can think outside the box and innovate: Ferrum Audio has been a revelation to him.

🔵He is also a big fan of LPs: something wicked this way comes…

✅👉Stay put, and follow Ferrum Audio and Delta Audio!
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Where to buy Ferrum products

Ferrum is sold all over the world. If you have troubles locating our dealer nearby let us help to arrange the brick-and-mortar customer experience for you by contacting us at