Visit us at High End Munich

Visit us at High End Munich! 

Recently Ferrum organised a virtual pre-High End Munich presentation to inform members of the audio press what Ferrum will present at the coming hifi show. Basically the presentation followed the recent history of Ferrum products, starting with our first three products, HYPSOS, OOR and ERCO. The presentation went on to hint to the next big Ferrum thing, about which we cannot speak yet, and we talked briefly about a new project from parent company HEM, called SERCE, meaning ‘heart’ in Polish.

HYPSOS, a Hybrid Power Supply, proved to be a game changer and category defining at the same time. When EISA awarded HYPSOS being best Hi-Fi accessory 2021-2022, we all were thrilled by this recognition by our peers! After HYPSOS the conception of OOR, was almost inevitable. Being a flagship model headphone amplifier by its own, the combination with HYPSOS catapults them to a level of its own. This dynamic duo will be showcased at High End Munich, but the focus of the Ferrum presentation in Munich will be on ERCO.

We believe ERCO, our new headphone DAC/AMP, to be amazing. We succeeded to implement loads of what makes OOR special into the design of ERCO and give it our best sounding DA converter design up until now. And again, ERCO combined with HYPSOS will be a mind blowing experience. We believe ERCO will steal the show at Munich and invite everybody to come and have a look and a listen for yourself. The Ferrum team will be pleased to meet you and love to tell you everything there is to know about HYPSOS, OOR and ERCO. And if you ask nicely, they might even tell you the name of the next big thing…

High End Munich will take place in the MOC in Munich from May 19 to 22. Please visit for more information about the event. You are invited to visit us in hall 4, booth W13.

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