SOUNDNEWS Awards Ferrum Gold Award

Soundnews-Awards for ferrum
✅🙌We are very pleased to show you this engaging review made by Sandu Vitalie. There is another great thing. Sandu awarded us with the prestigious Gold Award. Thank you so much! On his site you can find a whole text and a Youtube video about our FERRUM OOR + HYPSOS.
🗣„There is a lot of power to spare, you can drive anything out there and its noise floor was always in check. I didn’t spot compromises on their PCB boards, nor when music started playing and if you hunting for one of the best amps of the personal audio world, then please add the OOR and Hypsos to your short must-audition list. I’m extremely happy that headphone amplifier makers finally acknowledged our needs in driving the most sensitive and the hardest loads with a single component and this is where OOR and Hypsos are fitting in like a glove”. 🎧😎
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