All it takes is a revolution

Are you thinking of upgrading your current hifi system with a new external power supply? In that case you need not look any further. Ferrum has it covered for you with our latest product, the HYPSOS hybrid power system. But let us first tell you a short story…

Short introduction

Because the Ferrum brand was created in 2020, we want to tell you where the Ferrum team came from. It all started during our employment at Ferrum’s parent company HEM, located near Poland’s capital Warsaw. Most of us have been working there for at least for decade and some of us even longer. HEM was founded some 20 years ago, when their engineers started designing complex audio electronics and manufacturing for Mytek. This brand now belongs to the most coveted and respected around the world and is famous for its cutting edge hi-res A to D and D to A converters (incorporating MQA as one of the first pioneers), and pre and power amplifiers. Quite recently we decided to start something new and exciting.

Marcin Hamerla - CEO and Founder

We started at the absolute basis of any hifi system; the power supply. The idea we came up with not only blew our minds, but most other engineers we shared it with. It became the foundation on top of which a completely new ecosystem of audiophile products could rest. It will be more than any PSU ever can be. It’s not like any audio accessory. It in fact is a component in its own rights. This ultimately became the HYPSOS Hybrid Power System from Ferrum.

What’s a HYPSOS?

So what is it that makes HYPSOS so special, you might wonder? First of all, it looks awesome. Unlike any other PSU HYPSOS’ front side combines old steel with newly machined aluminium to show its sense of style. The hi-res display tells you that HYPSOS has more possibilities than meet the eye.

This is where part of HYPSOS’ genius lies. Using the dial you can select a choice of settings. Some of them are quite straightforward, like setting the correct output voltage for your connected gear. This can be done completely manually, or by selecting your device in the list, which resides in HYPSOS’ memory. And some are more complex. By combining existing techniques we actually developed a new one in this category where we ensure the exact voltage level by measuring the DC input terminal in a feedback loop and controlling it. But the best feature of HYPSOS which elevates it to component status must be the ability to fine tune the output voltage on the fly to get the best possible sound out of your connected gear. We named it “Sweet Spot Tuning”. By the way this software controlled operation of HYPSOS is an absolute industry first!

Apply your parameters

More than meets the eye

So we’ve covered HYPSOS great looks and great software, but there is more. You might have noticed HYPSOS is a very compact component. So there cannot be a standard linear design inside, right? That’s because we’ve combined the best of both worlds when we fused the linear with the switching power supply design. Hence hybrid.

This approach resulted in unusually low ripple and noise, which translate in layman’s terms as “fast, dynamic, punchy and efficient”. Which are pretty good features for something that used to be as boring as, let’s say… a PSU. Together with HYPSOS very safe operation we think we have a winner on our hands. And possibly in your system!

Favicon of Ferrum
We wish you many hours of musical bliss with Ferrum’s firstborn, HYPSOS.

Linear/switching hybrid PSU
110 ~ 240V AC in
5 ~ 30V DC out
8.6 x 8.1 x 2.0 inch / 21,7 x 20,6 x 5 cm (WxDxH)
Price: 995 EUR/USD

Where to buy Ferrum products

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